"Design something in extreme scale" was the entire project prompt. I knew that I wanted to make something related to my thesis inquiry (make sure to take a look at the "Thesis Beginnings" page to understand my running joke of purple books and blue curtains), and this lead to playing with scale in the form of a collection of tiny purple children's books held in a box behind a bright blue curtain. I chose 10 of my favorite books from childhood to reformat while exploring the concept of extreme scale in multiple ways. Firstly, the books are quite small, about 2 inches by 3 inches and the readable text of the books is set in a proportionately large type size. 
Book Collection and Box
Book Interiors
Selected Background Image Textures
The background images used in the books I created are also an exploration of extreme scale. Firstly, each illustration I sourced from the original books is spread across 12 pages in my little books, so you only get a little piece of each big image on each page. Second, I created texture in the illustrations by using a clipping mask made of the entire text of each book, set over and over again at a really small type size, with really tight leading and tracking to hide the text of the book in a way that isn't completely necessary in appreciating the physical designed objects. See examples of this texture close-up below.
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