The 50 Iterations assignment was to choose a well-known poster and then design 50 posters only using elements in the original poster and then to design another object using those 50 posters. 
Original Poster
The original poster I selected for this project is a 1938 poster promoting Yellowstone National Park credited to artist C. Don Powell. It is part of a series of posters promoting America's national parks. The poster was created as part of the Federal Arts Project, a part of the Works Progress Association put into place by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal.
To create these posters, I used the image trace tool in Adobe Illustrator to break the original poster into individual elements. The typeface used is NPS 1935, which is based on the typography of the original poster series. The posters are arranged in the order I designed them in.
The next step was to design another object using the posters as graphic elements. I decided on designing a travel guide for Yellowstone National Park. This 109 page publication is typeset in NPS 1935 and Franklin Gothic. The text is sourced from, the photos were taken by Ansel Adams, and the maps were sourced from The University of Texas Libraries, Best of Yellowstone, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Selected Spreads
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