The 50 Questions assignment was seemingly simple. We were prompted to ask at least 50 questions and then present them in some sort of designed object. The idea for playing cards came simply from thinking of things that came in sets of about 50. I sorted my questions into 4 categories using the suits of the playing cards and assigned one question to each of the 52 cards. I tested out different types of paper by playing solitaire because if I was going to make playing cards, I wanted to actually be able to play card games with them. The cards are printed on my favorite paper (Southworth Linen for those who are interested) and then laminated the paper to get the look, feel, and function of playing cards. I really enjoyed the repetitive nature of working in the medium of playing cards. I love that every card is just slightly different from all of the others. My classmates also found joy in this project. As I was presenting, they started building houses of cards and sorting the cards in numerical order. This became a truly interactive project.
Card Layouts
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Box Layout
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