During the summer of 2019, I took part in a graphic design internship with EarthHero, an eco-friendly e-commerce company located in Boulder, CO. In my role as the graphic design intern, I completed projects such as infographics, a social media post redesign, and other promotional materials. I also occasionally helped out in the company's warehouse, helping to label orders and assemble gift boxes.
These are the four infographics I designed during my time at EarthHero. The first outlines tips for packing a zero-waste lunch, the second outlines reusable swaps for plastic-free July, the third outlines the benefits of bamboo toothbrushes, and the last outlines tips for sustainable gift wrapping.
Instagram Posts
I designed this system for a collection of EarthHero's Instagram posts with a photo on the left-hand side and a quote and title on the right hand side.
Back-to-School Lunch Guide
This back-to-school lunch guide interactive pdf outlines products available at EarthHero for packing sustainable lunches for all ages.
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