Isadore is an original typeface based on documents I collected while researching my family tree. The documents included immigration and naturalization records, as well as censuses and city directories from early to mid 20th century New York. I named the typeface Isadore after my great-great grandfather's brother, who was a mysterious figure in my family tree who ended up opening doors to the discovery of more and more information. 
This project took place over the course of two semesters. First, during the spring 2022 semester, I designed a display and text version of the typeface. Then, during the spring 2023 semester, I decided to focus on refining the display version (which became Isadore Regular), as well as designing an italic version and a sans serif version.
Isadore Display (2022)
Isadore Text (2022)
Type Specimen (2022)
The type specimen booklet I designed for Isadore includes a photo of Isadore himself, large print displays of the letters, a family tree, and recreations of some of the documents I collected in my research typeset fully in Isadore.
Isadore Regular (2023)
Isadore Italic (2023)
Isadore Sans (2023)
Type Specimen (2023)
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